VA Geospatial Archive Resource and Data Exchange Network


Our GARDEN data access point is currently undergoing maintenance. The data will be available again sometime soon.

The GARDEN project is a joint initiative between the Virginia Geographic Information Network (VGIN) and leading universities in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Through GARDEN, participating universities serve as a "mirror" for VGIN's datasets, providing a locally hosted, faster performing set of map layers to faculty, staff and students, while providing redundancy and geographic diversity of off-site storage locations to VGIN.

W&M CGA  GARDEN node 1 is hosted at

GARDEN is a "best effort" service. We currently offers access via REST or SOAP protocols. All open map services available through the W&M GARDEN node are available for use by the public. No license agreement is required, nor is W&M faculty/staff/student status a prerequisite, to access the map services. This applies to the SOAP and REST endpoints, as well as all representations of the services, including map services, WFS/WMS/WCS, KML, etc. Subscription services are available for the most recent imagery service and can be purchased from VGIN.

The raw image data (.sid, .tif) from which the services are derived has one extra provision. The source files for the most recent imagery (currently 2011) may only be downloaded by Virginia Tech Faculty and Staff. The source files for all other years' imagery are in the public domain and may be freely downloaded and distributed.

For more information visit VGIN.