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GARDEN Instructions


Our GARDEN data access point is currently undergoing maintenance. The data will be available again sometime soon.

Data published through this site may be used directly in GIS clients such as ArcGIS Desktop, or embedded in Web Mapping Applications via APIs such as ESRI's ArcGIS API for JavaScript.

To create a stored connection to this server that can be used in ArcMap, do the following:

  • In ArcCatalog, expand the catalog tree entry for "GIS Servers" and double-click "Add ArcGIS Server".
  • Select the radio button to "Use ArcGIS Services" and click Next.
  • Select the radio button for "Internet". Then
    • For the Server URL field, enter 
    • Under "Authentication (optional)": Leave Username and Password blank.
    • Click "Finish".
  • You now should have a connection entry for this server in your catalog tree, with a name similar to "arcgis on garden....".
  • In ArcMap, you may now browse to this connection under the Catalog tree when you click the "Add Data" button, and then navigate to the services you wish to consume as basemap layers in your map.

See http://resources.arcgis.com/content/arcgisserver/web-apis for more information on embedding published map services from this system into ArcGIS Web API applications.