CGA Technician (Next opening: Fall 2017)

Two technicians needed

Responsibilities include GIS tasks as assigned (70%), serving as a teaching assistant (20%), and general administrative duties as assigned (10%). The CGA fellow will help members of the William and Mary community use GIS and participate in ongoing GIS research.

Adjunct Faculty

The Center for Geospatial Analysis at the College of William and Mary is recruiting an adjunct teaching position for the Spring 2017 semester. This person will teach two sections of the Introduction to GIS course. This course will provide an introduction to Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Emphasis will be on the hands-on application of GIS to create maps, organize and visualize spatial data, and query spatial data to create answers for environmental and social questions. Students are expected to examine spatial data with an emphasis on data structures, acquisition, processing, management, and analysis. A spatial database will be queried to solve spatial problems, analyze related attributes, and produce computerized cartographic output.

Requirements: A Master of Science degree in Geography, Geographic Information Science or a closely related field, subject matter expertise as evidenced in CV and teaching experience.