Introduction to GIS - INTR 204 | ENSP 249
Next offered in Fall 2017
[[rarose01, Robert Rose]], Dorothy Ibes

This course offers a unique combination of lecture and lab work that yields a thorough understanding of conceptual and practical foundations of Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Upon completion, a student will understand vector/raster data, watershed analysis, interpolation and classification, among other important topics. ArcGIS 10.4 is heavily utilized in this course.

Due to high demand for this course, the CGA has implemented a brief pre-registration application process necessary for each student to complete prior to registering for the course.

Introduction to Remote Sensing - INTR 490 | ENSP 249
Next offered in Spring 2018
Derrick Loftis

Remote Sensing covers topics in the science and group of techniques that use, process, and analyze satelite and airborne imagery to make maps or spatial data models. Emphasis in this class is on land use/cover mapping, analysis and change analysis. IDRISI Selva is heavily utilized in this course.

Advanced Topics Seminar - INTR 490 | ENSP 249
Next offered in Spring 2018
[[rarose01, Robert Rose]]

This class will be collaborating with the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) to answer a pressing conservation challenge using GIS, focusing on accessibility to protected areas. This seminar will give students the opportunity to improve their GIS skills, work on a real-world conservation challenge with WCS, and gain a better understanding of conservation issues around the globe.

GIS for Biologists - BIOL 445
Next offered in Spring 2018
Matthias Leu

This hands-on course will integrate Geographical Information Systems into biological research. Emphasis will be on developing spatial metrics, comparing cell or land cover patterns across spatial or temporal scales, classifying satellite or medical imagery, and modeling species distributions. ArcGIS 10.1 is heavily utilized in this course, along with open source software.