Junior and Senior Major Requirements

Students who declared a biology major in the spring of 2010 (or earlier) have the option of graduating under either the old or new requirements. Please note that you must choose one or the other and do not have the option of adopting a self-designed hybrid of the two. The chart below shows a comparison of the old and new requirements. 


Old Requirements

New Requirements

Total Bio Credits



Freshman Bio

Bio 204 (4) AND Bio 203 (4)

Bio 220/221 (or 298) (4) AND  Bio225/226 (or 299) (4)

Mid-level courses

Bio 206 (4) AND Bio 205 (4)

Take TWO of the following:
Bio 302, Bio 304, Bio 306



Molecular Cell Biology (Bio 310)



Take ONE of the following:
Bio 312, Bio 317, Bio 412 

Upper division

MCGD courses - at least 6 credits

OPEE courses - at least 6 credits

Genetics: Bio 401, 420, OR 442


Upper Level Lab/Field Course (1)

Upper Level Lab/Field Course (1)


Upper Level Seminar Course (3) *

Advanced Seminar Course  Bio 460 (3)

Chemistry w/lab

Gen Chem I & II, Orgo I & II (4 sem)

Gen Chem I and Orgo I (2 sem)


2 semesters - recommended

Calculus I AND either Calc II OR Biostats


2 semesters - recommended

2 semesters - recommended


* Students who declared their major during the 2008-9 academic year or later are required to take an upper level seminar course. Students who declared their major during the 2007-2008 academic year or earlier are encouraged but not required to take a seminar course; however, they are required to fulfill the major writing requirement by taking either Biology 300 or Biology 496. 


Updated 10/2011