Ferguson Award

The Mary E. Ferguson Memorial Research Grant
Established by Ms. Aileen Ferguson in honor of her daughter Mary E. Ferguson, this award supports undergraduates doing independent research.

Award: $200-400

Nomination Deadline: Three application deadlines per year: Oct 1, Feb 15, Apr 1.

Materials to Submit:

  1. Brief description of the research project including an itemized budget (1-2 pages) — the project description should be written by the student in consultation with the faculty advisor
  2. Letter of support from nominating faculty member

Eligibility and Guidelines:

  • Eligible students include those enrolled in BIOL403, 495, 496 and 303 (the latter only if students are planning to conduct summer research).
  • Priority is given to proposal from first-time applicants and those from labs who have received less than 2 Ferguson awards in a given academic year.
  • Grants will be distributed amongst as many labs as possible.
  • All applications will be ranked by members of the Undergraduate Studies Committee.
  • The award of ranked proposals is dependent on the amount of Ferguson award money available.
  • Depending on ranking, awards are between $200-400 each.
  • Students who do not receive an award may resubmit revised proposals at the next deadline.

The faculty advisor submits the description and letter of support to the Chair of the Undergraduate Studies Committee, [[opkers,Oliver Kerscher]].