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Doug DeBerry

Visiting Assistant Professor

Office: Integrated Science Center 3279
Phone: 757-221-7741
Email: [[dadeberry]]

Biographical Information

DOUG DEBERRY, Visiting Assistant Professor of Biology and Research Assistant Professor of Environmental Science and Policy received his B.A. in Environmental Sciences at the University of Virginia,  followed by a M.A. in Biology at W&M, and a Ph.D. in Marine Science from VIMS. His areas of specialization include restoration ecology, vegetation dynamics, ecological succession, and ecosystem function. He has 20 years of professional environmental consulting experience, and is a certified Professional Wetland Scientist (PWS) and Professional Wetland Delineator (PWD). He is a US Fish and Wildlife Service-Approved Surveyor Contact for all threatened or endangered plant species in Virginia, and actively serves on several boards and committees in his research fields (e.g., Flora of Virginia Board of Directors, Northeastern Naturalist Board of Editors, Mid-Atlantic Wetland Workgroup Advisory Board, Virginia Association of Wetland Professionals Board of Directors, etc.).

Dr. DeBerry teaches courses in ecology, ecosystem restoration, and environmental science and policy.  Examples include: Introduction to Environmental Science and Policy (ENSP 101); Wetland Ecosystems (BIOL 427); and, Restoration Ecology  (BIOL 404/ENSP 440). Office: Millington 114.