Crim Dell Vegetation Mapping

crimdellfinStudent members of SEAC (Student Environmental Action Coalition) are working to restore Crim Dell by removing invasive vegetation and planting native trees and shrubs. As in EcoAmbassador internship, Jesse Smyth ('18) and Kendall King ('19) worked in the Fall Semester of 2016 to produce a vegetation map (below), showing areas of invasive plant removal, new plantings, and other parameters relevant to the restoration effort. In the 2017 Spring semester, Kendall King ('19) will continue the project with Maura Finn ('20).  The EcoAmbassador Crim Dell Vegetation Mapping project is co-advised by Linda Morse, Geology Sr. Lecturer and SEAC Crim Dell advisor, and Beth Chambers, Biology Department Herbarium Curator. 

In spring of 2017, Kendall King and Maura Finn worked on mapping the northern end of Crim Dell Forest. 

You can learn more by viewing Jesse and Kendall's Fall 2016 EcoAmbassador final presentation, or reading their Fall 2016 EcoAmbassador final paper.

Crim Dell Restoration Map