How To Pull Images from WMDID to PowerPoint

1.    Search, select images and “make a slideshow” in the WMDID. 

2.    Go to “My Slideshows” and select “Package” from the slideshow you’ve just made for PowerPoint.

3.    In ”Package Slideshow”  select:
         a.     Windows or Mac
         b.    Uncheck boxes “Include Imageviewer” and “Include slideshow viewer”
         c.     Image size should be “Medium
         d.    Hit the “Create Package” button.

A box will open asking to “Open” or “Save”—Choose Save. Then choose to save on the desktop.  It will save your package in a Zip file* (You must have a zip file program on your computer. Most PC's come with this, Mac's version is called "Stuffit").

On the desktop - Open the ZIP file, select “EXTRACT”* at the top of the entire box. 

These images will be on your desktop in a folder titled “images”.


If you have a lot of images that you have pulled from the WMDID and are starting your PowerPoint from the beginning: 

       OPEN POWERPOINT and go up to the “Insert” option at the top of the page.

       Select “New Photo Album”.

       In the Photo Album box - Choose the “Insert Picture from – File/Disk” button (it is asking where
       your images you want to import are).

       Find the WMDID “images” folder on your desktop – select all (Ctrl + A) to make sure all images
       are imported.

       All images will show in the left hand box under: “Pictures in Album”.

       Make sure picture layout says “Fit to slide”. 

       Hit the “Create” button. 

       All WMDID images will appear in your PowerPoint show.


If you only have a few images from the WMDID and you have an existing PowerPoint:

      Choose “Insert Picture” at the top of the PowerPoint screen.

      Find folder of WMDID images and select image needed. Repeat this step for each image you are
      trying to import from the WMDID folder of images.