William and Mary

Art and Art History, Studio Art Concentration, BA

The art program is designed to offer the major a variety of courses and the opportunity to work in depth at the advanced level.

Studio Art Major Requirements (Undergraduate Catalog)

Major Computing Proficiency (Art and Art History)

The Major Computing Proficiency will be fulfilled during the completion of the Major Writing Requirement. In the process of writing their research papers, students will be expected to do research using all of the databases and library resources that are computer accessible (World Wide Web, On-Line Journals, and Bibliographic Sources such as Art Index, Art Abstracts, RILA, RRA, BHA, Art Bibliographies Modern etc.) as well as to find and assess specific web sites related to their topic.

Major Writing Requirement (Art and Art History)

One art history course at the 300 or 400 level (including ARTH 490) will fulfill the requirement. ARTH 392, ARTH 393, and ARTH 394 cannot be used to satisfy this requirement.

The Major Writing Requirement will be satisfied in the following way:

  1. When prospective majors, in consultation with their major advisor, fill the form required for a declaration of major, they will specify which two art history courses numbered three hundred or above in the chosen field are most appropriate to their area of special interest. These courses will satisfy the prospective major's Major Writing Requirement.
  2. At the time of registration for the specified course, the student will consult with the instructor to make all necessary arrangements for a schedule that allows for the opportunity to go through the stages of writing and rewriting that is part of the requirement.
  3. When the student has completed the courses with a grade of C or higher, the instructor will notify the department chair.