William & Mary

AIRC Projects

Podcast Series

A series of interviews with Native people involved in contemporary American Indian issues, including discussions of their past and experiences.

Patowomack Ethnohistory and Contemporary Ethnography

Undergraduate and graduate History, Anthropology, and American Studies students are working in collaboration with the Potomac descendant community in Stafford and King George Counties, Virginia.

Contemporary American Indian Art

A collaborative research partnership among the AIRC, the Muscarelle Museum of Art, and pre-eminent painter Jaune Quick-to-See Smith (2007). 

Exhibit on the work and legacy of the Kiowa Five (2011).  

Collaborative Work with the Pamunkey 

Students are working with the tribe's Museum Committee to update the Pamunkey Indian Museum and Cultural Center (2012).


Multiple ethnohistorical and educational projects with the National Park Service, and ongoing multiple research and cultural heritage projects with members of the Kiowa, Muscogee, Mohawk, and Tlingit Nations.