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Chris Shephard

Email:: [[e|cjshephard]]
Year entered:: 2009
Degree sought;: PhD
Research interests:: archaeology, exchange, political economy, archaeometry, colonialism, personhood
Regional specialization:: North America--the Southern Middle Atlantic


Receiving his MA from William and Mary in 2009, Chris returned to the program in the same year to pursue his PhD.  Christopher's MA thesis, "Places of Power: The Community and Regional Development of Native Tidewater Palisades Post A.D. 1200," considers indigenous traditions of palisade construction, the varying uses of such enclosures, and their connections to conceptions of space, power, and authority within the Late Woodland and early colonial periods in Tidewater, Virginia. For his dissertation research, Chris is interested in indigenous Algonquian exchange systems spanning coastal North Carolina to Maryland and the nature and transformation of those systems during the early Contact Period.

Research Interests

Chris’ interests include identity formation, socio-political change, settlement patterning and culture contact in the Middle Woodland through Contact period Chesapeake.