William and Mary

Meet Our Graduate Students


Antczak, Konrad A.Year entered:: 2012
Degree Sought:: MA / PhD
E-mail:: [[e|kaantczak]]
Research Interests:: Historical archaeology of the Venezuelan Caribbean, 17th and 18th century salt exploitation in the Caribbean, materiality, maritime archaeology, archaeology of alcohol and drinking, life and social relations at sea in 17th and 18th century Anglo-America, 18th century material culture studies, public archaeology.

Ashley Atkins

Atkins, AshleyEmail:: [[e|alatkins]]
Year entered:: 2007
Degree sought:: PhD
Research interests:: Historical Archaeology of Native communities in Tidewater Virginia, specifically the Pamunkey Indian Tribe


Bassett, HaydenE-mail:: [[e|hfbassett]]
Year entered:: 2012
Degree sought:: PhD
Research Interests:: British Caribbean; Comparative Colonialism; Jamaica; Dwelling; Anthropology of Architecture; Photogrammetry


Beaupre, AndrewEmail: : [[e|arbeaupre]]
Year Entered:: 2010
Degree sought: : PhD.
Research Interests: : Historical Archaeology, Culture Contact, Colonialism, Ethnogenisis, Identity Politics, Heritage, Landscape studies, Native American studies and Public Archaeology.

Stephanie Bergman

Bergman, StephanieEmail:: [[e|smbergman]]
Year entered:: 2010
Degree sought:: PhD
Regional specialization:: Caribbean and Atlantic World


Brown, BrittanyE-mail:: [[e|blbrown]]
Year Entered:: 2011
Degree sought:: PhD
Research Interests:: Mortuary practices, Antebellum and Post-emancipation era in America and the Caribbean, the construction of Black space, Black identity.


Campo, AllyEmail: [[e|amcampo]]
Year entered: 2013
Degree sought: M.A.
Research interests: Historical Archaeology; the African Diaspora; 18th and 19th century Virginia; coping strategies of enslaved individuals; resistance studies; Psychological Anthropology

Jenna Carlson

Carlson, JennaEmail:: [[e|jkcarlson]]
Year entered:: 2011
Degree sought;: PhD.
Research interests:: Zooarchaeology, human-animal relationships, animal laborers, 18th century plantation life, identity

Chambers Thumb

Chambers, CamilleYear entered: 2013
Degree sought: MA
Email: [[e|clchambers]]
Research interests: African Diaspora archaeology, Caribbean archaeology, foodways, postcolonialism, identity-formation, public archaeology.

Ellen Chapman

Chapman, EllenEmail:: [[e|elchapman01]]
Year entered:: 2010
Degree sought:: PhD
Researh interests:: Palaeopathology, skeletal demography, stable isotope analysis, health impacts of migration, interface between academia and CRM, European colonization of the Americas

Gastilo, JoshuaYear entered:: 2014
Degree sought:: MA/PhD
Email:: [[e|jtgastilo]]

Stephanie Hasselbacher

Hasselbacher Berryhill, StephanieEmail:: [[e|srhasselbacher]]
Year entered:: 2008
Degree sought:: PhD
Research interests:: linguistic anthropology, language documentation and revitalization, language and literacy socialization

Jessica Herlich

Herlich, JessicaEmail:: [[e|jmherlich]]
Year Entered:: 2009
Degree sought:: PhD
Research Interests:: Paleoethnobotany, Shell Midden Archaeology, Native American Studies, Historical Ecology, Engendered Practices and Gender Relations

R, Hulvey

Hulvey, RachaelYear entered:: 2014
Degree sought:: MA
Email:: [[e|rjhulvey]]
Research interests:: Slavery in the American South, the African Diaspora, colonialism, historic landscapes, archaeological curation, public archaeology

Amanda Johnson

Johnson, AmandaEmail:: [[e|abjohnson]]
Year entered:: 2010
Degree sought:: PhD
Resrach interests:: The Irish Diaspora, specifically during the 19th century; Issues of ethnicity and identity; Foodways and alcohol studies; 19th century immigration.

Patrick Johnson

Johnson, PatrickYear Entered:: 2012
Degree sought:: PhD.
Email:: [[e|pljohnson]]
Research Interests: Historical archaeology, ethnohistory, Native American studies, culture contact, colonialism, Spanish Florida, Southeast US.

Mark Kostro

Kostro, MarkEmail:: [[e|mxkost]]
Year entered:: 2002
Degree sought:: PhD

J Kuizon

Kuizon, JaclynEmail:: [[e|jkuizon]]
Year entered:: 2008
Degree sought:: PhD
Research interests:: Contemporary indigenous artists and the negotiation of identity, power and autonomy within originally Western institutions such as the Fine Arts market

Alix Martin

Martin, AlexandraEmail:: [[e|agmartin]]
Year entered;: 2008
Degree sought;: PhD
Research interests:: Native Americans of the Eastern U.S., Ethnohistory, Landscape Archaeology, GIS and Spatial Analysis, Memory & Place, Contemporary Heritage Politics

Summer Moore

Moore, SummerEmail: [[e|slmoore]]
Degree sought: PhD
Year Entered: 2013
Research Interests: Historical anthropology, contact-period archaeology, household archaeology, gender, identity, power, craft production, trade, politics of representation, archaeological collections curation, museology, Hawai‘i, Polynesia, Oceania, North America, American Southwest.


Nieves, JosueYear entered: 2013
Degree sought: MA / PhD
Email: [[e|jrnieves]]
Research interests: Historical Archaeology, Native American Studies, Contact Period History, Ethnohistory, Colonialism, Landscapes, Spatial Analysis, Ethnobotany.


Ohman, AlexisYear entered:: 2014
Degree sought:: PhD
Email:: [[e|akohman]]
Research interests:: Zooarchaeology (esp. fish and mollusks); plantation archaeology; foodways; Caribbean

Phaup, NancyEmail:: [[e|naphau]]
Year entered:: 2002
Degree sought:: PhD

Shephard, ChrisEmail:: [[e|cjshephard]]
Year entered:: 2009
Degree sought;: PhD
Research interests:: archaeology, exchange, political economy, archaeometry, colonialism, personhood


Smith, KelleyYear entered: 2013
Degree sought: M.A.
Email: [[e|klsmith02]]

Megan Victor

Victor, MeganEmail:: [[e|mrvictor]]
Year entered;: 2010
Degree sought;: MA / PhD
Research interests:: maritime communities, island archaeology, Atlantic world, colonialism, piracy / smuggling / informal markets


Winsett, SheaEmail:: [[e|sawinsett]]
Year entered:: 2008
Degree sought:: PhD
Research interests:: African Diaspora, Identity