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Jessica Herlich

Email:: [[e|jmherlich]]
Year Entered:: 2009
Degree sought:: PhD
Research Interests:: Paleoethnobotany, Shell Midden Archaeology, Native American Studies, Historical Ecology, Engendered Practices and Gender Relations
Regional Specialization:: Eastern North America, Virginia

Jessica graduated from Cornell University in 2008 with majors in Anthropology, Archaeology, and History and a concentration in American Indian Studies.  As an undergraduate, she conducted research on a copper-alloy assemblage and a glass bead assemblage from a Seneca Iroquois site.  She completed her MA degree at William and Mary in 2011.  Her thesis was entitled “Shellfishing, Ceramics, and Gender: Shell Midden Ceramics from the Kiskiak Site.“  Her dissertation research pertains to the macrobotanical and microbotanical analysis of Middle Atlantic shell midden contexts that date from 1 to 1600 AD.  She is interested in the historical ecology of the region as well as engendered practices and “taskscapes.”