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Ellen Chapman

Email:: [[e|elchapman01]]
Year entered:: 2010
Degree sought:: PhD
Researh interests:: Palaeopathology, skeletal demography, stable isotope analysis, health impacts of migration, interface between academia and CRM, European colonization of the Americas
Regional specialization:: Eastern North America, Great Britain and Ireland

Ellen Chapman has a background in contract archaeology and an M.Sc. in Palaeopathology from Durham University. Her research interests include 19th century institutionalized populations, unfree labor in institutions, skeletal indicators of labor and activity, race and labor in the postbellum South, and the ethics and politics of human remains curation. As a volunteer for the Remembering Slavery, Resistance, and Freedom Project, Ellen works on media, outreach, and identifying Virginian cemeteries of the enslaved for commemoration. During the fall of 2012 she will be working as a Mellon intern in the Department of Archaeology at Colonial Williamsburg on human remains curation and analysis.