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Sarah Jane Chesney

Email: : [[e|sjches]]
Year entered: : 2005
Degree sought: : PhD
Research interests: : 18th-century urban/domestic archaeology, landscape archaeology, Atlantic World studies, Colonial & early Federal Philadelphia, the development of natural history/botany in Europe & America, exotic plant trade in the 17th, 18th, & 19th centuries
Regional specialization: : Mid-Atlantic and Delaware Valley regions, especially Virginia and Pennsylvania

Brief bio: Sarah came to the MA/PhD program at William and Mary from the University of Pennsylvania in the fall of 2005, having dreamed of being an archaeologist from the age of 8.  She has assisted and taught the William and Mary Archaeological Field School since the summer of 2007, and served as the Anthropology Graduate Student President from 2007-2008.  She has presented at a number of conferences, including the William and Mary Graduate Research Symposium, the Society for Historical Archaeology, and at the Council for Northeast Historical Archaeology.  Currently she is a Barra Foundation Dissertation in Art and Material Culture Fellow at the McNeil Center for Early American Studies in Philadelphia, PA.