Jenna Carlson

Email:: [[e|jkcarlson]]
Year entered:: 2011
Degree sought;: PhD.
Research interests:: Zooarchaeology, human-animal relationships, animal laborers, 18th century plantation life, identity

Jenna received a Bachelor of Arts in anthropology from the University of Minnesota Duluth in 2009.  While in Duluth, she interned on a faunal analysis project for a CRM firm, thus sparking her interest in zooarchaeology.  Jenna earned her Master of Arts in archaeology from Illinois State University in 2011 with her thesis entitled "Culinary Creolization: Subsistence and Cultural Interaction at Fort Michilimackinac, 1730-1761."  In her thesis, Jenna analyzed the faunal assemblages from two French households at Fort Michilimackinac, looking for evidence of French-Native American interactions in the eighteenth-century foodways.  Jenna's dissertation research will examine non-food uses of animals on eighteenth-century plantations in North America.  Jenna hopes to examine horse, cattle, and dog remains as well as historical documents to determine the human-animal relationships on these plantations and how those relationships affected daily life and personal identity.