Konrad A. Antczak

Year entered:: 2012
Degree Sought:: PhD
E-mail:: [[e|kaantczak]]
Research Interests:: historical archaeology of salt exploitation in the Caribbean; merchant seafarers and life at sea in the 17th and 18th centuries; punch and punch bowls; 17th–19th century material culture studies; public archaeology.
Regional specialization:: Venezuela, Caribbean, Atlantic World

Konrad, from Caracas, Venezuela, earned his Bachelor of Arts from Rollins College in 2011 with a major in anthropology and a minor in archaeology. He completed his M.A. at William and Mary, concerning the politics of punch drinking among New England seafarers visiting the island of La Tortuga during the 18th century. His doctoral interests focus on the historical archaeology of 17th–19th-century salt exploitation on the offshore islands of Venezuela and aim to trace the salt’s entanglements with the Atlantic World beyond. Using the Caribbean salt trade as a window onto the past, Konrad is specifically interested in reconstructing the social, economic and material lives of merchant seafarers from this time period.