Andrew Beaupre

Email: : [[e|arbeaupre]]
Year Entered:: 2010
Degree sought: : PhD.
Research Interests: : Historical Archaeology, Culture Contact, Colonialism, Ethnogenisis, Identity Politics, Heritage, Landscape studies, Native American studies and Public Archaeology.
Regional Specialization:: Northeastern North America (New England and New France)

Andrew is a 2007 graduate of the University of Vermont with majors in Anthropology (concentration in archaeology) and History (concentration in the western Hemisphere/Canada). His undergraduate research centered on the prehistory of New England, working throughout his four years as a field and lab technician for University of Vermont’s Cultural Resource Management firm (CAP). He went on to study at Western Michigan, earning an MA in Anthropology with a thesis entitled, Sacred or Secular: Religious Materiality on the French Colonial Frontier. His current research centers on culture contact, identity politics and heritage studies at Fort Saint-Jean, a multi-occupational French, British and Canadian military post in the Richelieu River Valley of Quebec.  Andrew also holds a gubernatorial appointment on the Vermont Commission of Native American Affairs, where his work centers on cultural revitalization, education and management of archaeological resources.