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Ellen Chapman

Email: [[e|elchapman01]]
Year entered: 2010
Degree sought: PhD
Research interests: urban archaeology, municipal archaeology programs, archaeological resource management, archaeological ethnography, community interpretation of archaeology, historical bioarchaeology
Regional specialization: Eastern North America, Great Britain and Ireland

Ellen Chapman has experience in cultural resource management archaeology, academic research and field school supervision, museum work, and public archaeology advocacy. She graduated from Washington University in St Louis in 2005 with a BA in Archaeology, and received her MSc in Palaeopathology from Durham University in 2010. Her research interests include urban archaeology, archaeology of institutions, bioarchaeology, and community archaeology. In April 2015, Ellen defended her dissertation proposal entitled “Hidden under the River City: The Archaeological Landscape and Concepts of Archaeological Value in Richmond, Virginia.” This project combines methods in archival research, GIS analysis, and archaeological ethnography to examine the archaeological landscape of Richmond, Virginia. Currently she is conducting dissertation research and analysis and helps run a community archaeology group in Richmond called RVA Archaeology, which she co-founded.