Alexis Ohman

Year entered: 2014
Degree sought: PhD
Email: [[e|akohman]]
Research interests: Zooarchaeology (esp. fish and mollusks); plantation archaeology; foodways; Caribbean

Alexis received her BA (Honors) in Anthropology from the University of Victoria in 2010, which is where she first became interested in research involving plantation foodways. This developed into a historical zooarchaeology-based MA in Archaeology at Simon Fraser University, titled “Saltfish vs. Parrotfish: The Role of Fish and Mollusks in English Colonial Foodways at Betty’s Hope Plantation, Antigua, West Indies.” Her current research is comparative foodways in Antigua between Betty’s Hope plantation and the contemporaneous Shirley Heights naval barracks, utilizing historical zooarchaeology as a means of addressing sociocultural questions pertaining to foodways and daily life in the Caribbean.