Graduate Application for Anthropology

Deadlines and supplementary materials

Please also consult the main application procedures for admission to graduate study in Arts & Sciences at William & Mary. The information below is specific to the graduate program in Anthropology.


The main application and supplementary materials must be postmarked by January 15.  Applications submitted after the program's deadline may be evaluated if space is available.

Spring Admission: No
GRE code for Anthropology: Anthropology, 1701; Archaeology, 1702

Supplementary Application Materials
  • Writing sample: A substantial academic paper demonstrating both writing skills and original research. We recommend sending a writing sample that is fewer than 25 pages.
  • Field and lab experience are recommended but not required.

Students have the option of applying for admission to the standalone M.A. program in Historical Archaeology, the sequential M.A./Ph.D. program in Historical Archaeology or Historical Anthropology, or, after having completed the M.A. degree in Anthropology elsewhere, directly into the Ph.D. program in either Historical Archaeology or Historical Anthropology.

The standalone M.A. program in Historical Archaeology is designed as a one-year course, but many students choose to extend this to include a second year. There is no financial support available directly from the department for this program, but applications for financial assistance may be made to the College Financial Aid Office.  The College can only offer student loans to graduate students.

Applications to the M.A./Ph.D. program will be accepted from students with a B.A., a pending M.A., or an M.A. in hand.  Admitted students may receive up to four years of funding, during which time students admitted without the M.A. must earn  their M.A. degree as well as advance toward their Ph.D. dissertation.

Students admitted to the Ph.D. program while their M.A. in Anthropology is in progress must have met all requirements for that degree by August 15 of the year in which they plan to attend William and Mary. If the M.A. in Anthropology is not completed by this date, they will not be permitted to register.

Students with an M.A. that is not in Anthropology may petition the Graduate Committee to determine whether or not they are required to obtain a William and Mary M.A. in Anthropology before entering the Ph.D. program. Students entering the M.A./Ph.D. program with previous graduate work (but without a completed M.A. degree) may petition for the transfer of up to 6 credits. Students with an M.A. in another discipline, or with transfer credits, may also petition the Graduate Committee to obtain an exemption from certain courses required for the Ph.D.