William and Mary
Below are listed our PhD graduates.  William and Mary e-mail addresses don't expire, so we list those, although please be aware that just because the account is active doesn't mean it is checked regularly.  Alternate email addresses are provided where available:  as these are often work accounts, they may be de-activated when employment changes.

Barrett, AutumnEmail:: [[e|arbarr]]
Degree conferred, January 2014:: PhD
Dissertation title:: “Honoring the Ancestors: Historical Reclamation and Self-Determined Identities in Richmond and Rio de Janeiro”

Jason Buroughs

Boroughs, JasonEmail:: [[e|jjboro]]; jjboroughs[at]salisbury[dot]edu
Degree conferred, May 2013: PhD
Dissertation title: "Gathering Places, Cultivating Spaces: An Archaeology of a Chesapeake Neighborhood Through Enslavement and Emancipation, 1775 - 1905"
Current position: Visiting Assistant Professor, Anthropology and Archaeology, Salisbury University

Carl CarlsonDrexler

Carlson-Drexler, CarlEmail:: [[e|cgdrex]]
Degree conferred, May 2013: PhD
Dissertation title: “Dooley’s Ferry: The Archaeology of Civilian Community in Wartime”
Current position: Station Assistant with the Arkansas Archeological Survey

Sarah Chesney

Chesney, Sarah JaneEmail:: [[e|sjches]]
Degree conferred, May 2014:: PhD
Dissertation title;: “The Fruits of Their Labors: Exploring William Hamilton’s Greenhouse Complex and the Rise of American Botany in Early Federal Philadelphia”

Eaton, MelissaEmail:: [[e|maeato]]; Melissa[dot]Eaton[at]mcckc[dot]edu
Degree conferred, May 2014: PhD
Dissertation:: "Grandfathers at War: Practical Politics at Delaware Town"
Current position: Anthropology Instructor, Metropolitan Community College-Longview, Lee's Summit, Missouri.

Mahoney, ShannonEmail:: [[e|ssmaho]]; ssmaho[at]gmail[dot]com
Degree conferred, May 2013: PhD
Dissertation title: “Community Building after Emancipation: An Anthropological Study of Charles’ Corner, Virginia, 1862-1922”
Current position: Archaeologist, ASM affiliates

Derek Miller

Miller, DerekEmail:: [[e|drmill]]; Dmiller[at]jtcc[dot]edu
Degree conferred, May 2013: PhD
Dissertation title: “A Medley of Contradictions”: The Jewish Diaspora in St. Eustatius and Barbados”
Current position: Lecturer, John Tyler Community College, Chester VA; Part-time faculty, Sweet Briar College, Sweet Briar VA

Mueller-Heubach , OliverEmail:: [[e|ommuel]]
Degree conferred, May 2013: PhD
Dissertation title: "From Kaolin to Claymount: Landscapes of the 19th-Century James River Stoneware Industry"

Ogborne, JennEmail:: [[e|jhogbo]]; jennifer[at]poplarforest[dot]org
Degree conferred, May 2013: PhD.
Dissertation title: “ 'Setting the best table in the country': Food and Labor at Coloma Gold Mining Town”
Currrent position: Archaeology Laboratory Supervisor, Department of Archaeology and Landscapes at Thomas Jefferson's Poplar Forest.

Salamanca-Heyman, MariaDegree conferred, May 2009: PhD
Dissertation title: "Urban Archaeology of Early Spanish Caribbean Ports of Call"

Sayers, Daniel Email: sayers[at]american[dot]edu
Degree conferred, May 2008: PhD
Dissertation title: "Diasporic World of the Great Dismal Swamp"
Current position: Assistant Professor, Dept of Anthropology, the American University, Washington DC

Katie Sikes

Sikes, KathrynEmail:: [[e|klsike]]; kathryn.sikes[at]mtsu[dot]edu
Degree conferred, May 2013: PhD
Dissertation title: “Peripheral Vision: Mimesis and Materiality along the James River, Virginia, 1619-1660”
Current position: Assistant Professor of Historical Archaeology Public History Program Middle Tennessee State University, Murfreesburo, TN

Turner, GraceEmail:: [[e|gsturn]]
Degree conferred, May 2013: PhD
Dissertation title: “An Allegory for Life: An 18th century African-influenced cemetery landscape, Nassau, Bahamas”
Current position: Supervisor, Research Unit of the Antiquities, Monuments, and Museums Corporation (AMMC), Nassau, Bahamas. The AMMC has responsibility for the preservation, presentation, and management of the archaeological resources, along with the cultural and architectural heritage of The Bahamas. The Research Unit is expected to research and publish articles and books on the history, heritage, and culture of The Bahamas.

Woodard, BuckEmail:: [[e|bwwood]]
Degree conferred, May 2013: PhD
Dissertation title: "The Nottoway of Virginia: A Study of Peoplehood and Political Economy, c.1775-1875"
Current position: Manager of American Indian program development, the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, Williamsburg, VA