Graduate Student Directory

Matt Anthony

Anthony, Matthew
Email: [[e|mhanthony]]
Research Interests: Environmental Science, History of Science, Popular Music

Janine Yorimoto Boldt

Boldt, Janine Yorimoto
Email: [[e|jmyorimoto]]
Research Interests: American Art History, American Visual and Material Culture, Colonial Arts of the Americas, Eighteeth-century British Art, Histories of Collecting, Portraiture, Mobility, Prints, Family Studies

Felicia Bowins

Bowins, Felicia
Email: [[e|flbowins]]
Research Interests: African American Studies, Literature, Childhood Studies

Jessica Cowing

Cowing, Jessica
Email: [[e|jlcowing]]
Research Interests: Disability Studies; Settler Colonialism and American Indian Sovereignty; Nineteenth and Twentieth-Century American Literature

Mariaelena DiBenigno

DiBenigno, Mariaelena
Email: [[e|mdibenigno]]
Research Interests: American Literature, Public History, Museum Studies, Tourism and Spectrality Studies

Ellinwood-Jerome, Alix Meav
Email: [[e|aejerome]]
Website: {{}}
Blog: {{}}
Research Interests: Islam in the United States and Europe; Islam and Gender; Queer Islam

Feman, Seth
Email: [[e|safema]]
Webpage: {{}}
Research Interests: American Art and Visual Culture

Frank Fucile

Fucile, Frank
Email: [[e|fafucile]]
Research Interests: 20th Century Literature, Environmental (Post)Humanities, Military History, Genre Studies, Film & Photography, Creative Writing

Lindsay Garcia

Garcia, Lindsay
Email: [[e|ldgarcia]]
Website: {{}}
Research Interests: American & Contemporary Art History; Visual Art Practice; Animal Studies; Critical & Cultural Theory; Visual Culture; Gender, Sexuality & Women's Studies; Digital Humanities.

Shana Haines

Haines, Shana
Email: [[e|slhaines]]
Research Interests: American Legal History, Southern Literature and Culture, Women’s Literature, African American Studies, Citizenship and Visual Culture, Plantation Material Culture and Every Day Life, The Long Civil Rights Movement, 19th and 20th Century American Literature, African American Literature, Cultural Studies, History and Theory of Race

Travis Harris

Harris, Travis
Email: [[e|ttharis]]
Research Interests: Race and racism, Twentieth-Century Studies, Hip Hop Studies, Religion

Cathy Hellier

Hellier, Cathleene
Email: [[e|cbhellier]]
Research Interests: colonial American history and culture; gender studies and masculinity; language; African American slavery, particularly as a gendered construct; slave narratives and oral histories; and the performance of etiquette and social ritual.

Jan Huebenthal

Huebenthal, Jan
Email: [[e|jhuebenthal]]
Research Interests: Queer Studies, HIV/AIDS activism, Gender studies, Cultural studies, Disability Studies, American History (20th century).

Brian Jones

Jones, Brian
Email: [[e|bejones]]
Research Interests: Jazz studies, US cultural history, African American culture, Ethnomusicology/Sound Studies

Kingan, Renee
Email: [[e|rmking]]
Research Interests: African-American cultural studies focusing on jazz music and literature, gender, sexuality, and performance studies

Wendy Korwin

Korwin, Wendy
Email: [[e|wjkorw]]
Research Interests: U.S. Cultural History, Printing History, Literacy Studies, Gender & Sexuality Studies

Leah Kuragano

Kuragano, Leah
Email: [[e|lmkuragano]]
Research Interests: Cultural History of Hawai'i & the United States, Ethnic/Races Studies, Music History, Material Culture

J. Barrington Matthews

Matthews, Barry
Email: [[e|jbmatthews]]
Research Interests: 19th and 20th century Art History, Visual Culture of the American Landscape, National Parks, Tourism and Automobility, Critical Posthumanism and Environmental Humanities, Film Studies and Ecocinema, the Conservation and Commercialization of "Natural" Spaces

Kayla Meyers

Meyers, Kayla
Email: [[e|kdmeyers]]
Research Interests: Late 20th-Century Cultural History, U.S. Cultural Left, Popular Culture and Media, Women, Gender, and Sexuality, Social Movements, Race and Ethnicity, Cold War, Memory, Capitalism and Consumption

Hyunyoung Moon

Moon, Hyunyoung
Email: [[e|hmoon]]
Research Interests: Construction of masculinity in the military, Feminism, Gender & War

J. Padilioni

Padilioni Jr, James
Email: [[e|jppadilionijr]]
Research Interests: Religious and aesthetic practices of the African Diaspora, African Diasporic Catholicism and Syncretic Practices, Black Musics of the Diaspora, Afro-Latinx cultural and Identity Formation, Critical race theory/phenomenology of race, ontology, ethnogenesis of Blackness, Performance Studies, Ritual Studies, Intellectual History of the Enlightenment, Mediterranean Cultural History

Zarah Quinn

Quinn, Zarah
Email: [[e|zvquinn]]
Research Interests: Twentieth and Twenty-first century American Literature, Genre Studies, Literary Theory, Critical Race Studies, Narrative

Rosenkranz, Anna
Email: [[e|acmorgan]]
Research Interests: Religion, Gender & Sexuality

Jennifer Ross

Ross, Jennifer
Email: [[e|jnross]]
Research Interests: Contemporary American literature, Literary and Cultural Theory, Modern American History, Biopolitics, Histories and Theories of Race, Disaster Studies, Urban Studies, Digital Humanities


Siddiqui, Nabeel
Email: [[e|nasiddiqui]]
Research Interests: Digital Humanities, Media Studies, Digital Culture, Information Studies, American History, History of Media, Game Studies
Website: {{}}

C. Slaby

Slaby, Christopher J.
Email: [[e|cjslaby]]
Research Interests: Native American History, Environmental Studies, Visual and Material Culture, Vernacular Architecture, the Built Environment, and Cultural Landscapes, Monuments, Memory, and Memorialization, Public History, Parks and Roads, Museum Studies, Popular Culture, the Northeast/New England.

Sarah Stanford-McIntyre

Stanford-McIntyre, Sarah
Email: [[e|ssstanfordmcin]]
Website: {{}}
Research Interests: American Social and Cultural History; Environmental History; History of Science and Technology; Class, Race, and Ethnicity in the Study of Capitalism and Industrialization; Digital Humanities

Taylor Stephens

Stevens, Taylor S.
Email: [[e|tsstephens]]
Research Interests: Intellectual and Social History, Nineteeth-century and Twentieth-century United States

Ravynn Stringfield

Stringfield, Ravynn
Email: [[e|rkstringfield]]
Website: {{}}
Research Interests: Popular Culture, Graphic Novels, 20th & 21st century African-American literature, African-American History

Khanh Vo

Vo, Khanh
Email: [[e|kvvo]]
Research Interests: Nineteeth-century and Twentieth-century U.S. History, Material Culture, Social History of Science & Technology, Digital Humanities, Posthumanism, Public History, Food Studies

Ari Weinberg

Weinberg, Ari
Email: [[e|amweinberg]]
Research Interests: Evolution of Music Technology, Nineteeth-century & Early Twentieth-century Cultural History; Identity Formation, Popular Music, Nationalism, Intersectionality, Social Justice Pedagogy, Digital Humanities

Wilbers, Christian
Email: [[e|cawilbers]]
Research Interests: Transnational Studies, U.S. History