Graduate Student Directory

Janine Yorimoto Boldt

Boldt, Janine Yorimoto
Ph.D. Candidate
Email: [[e|jmyorimoto]]
Research Interests: Art History, Material Culture, Early American Studies, Museum Studies

Cowing, Jessica
Ph.D. | Disability Studies, Native American Studies, Nineteenth and Twentieth-Century American Literature
Email: [[e|jlcowing]]

DiBenigno, Mariaelena
Ph.D. | Public History, Critical Heritage Studies, American Literature
Email: [[e|mdibenigno]]

Ellinwood-Jerome, Alix Meav
Email: [[e|aejerome]]
Website: {{}}
Blog: {{}}

Feman, Seth
Ph.D. | American Art and Visual Culture
Email: [[e|safema]]
Webpage: {{}}

Fucile, Frank
Ph.D. | Literature, History, Media Studies
Email: [[e|fafucile]]

Korwin, Wendy
Email: [[e|wjkorw]]
Webpage: {{}}

Piper, Brian
Ph.D. | African American Studies, Visual Culture
Email: [[e|wbpipe]]
Webpage: {{}}

Simpson, Jenna
Email: [[e|jasimp]]
Website: {{}}

Stanford-McIntyre, Sarah
Ph.D. | Modern US History, Labor and Technology, Popular Culture
Email: [[e|ssstanfordmcin]]
Website: {{}}

Weinberg, Ari
Ph.D. | 19th Century Popular Culture and Music
Email: [[e|amweinberg]]