William and Mary

Graduate Degrees Offered

American Studies graduate students at William & Mary work closely with their advisors to develop a program of courses and independent work that best reflects their interests, and best prepares them for original research and critical engagement with their fields and careers. There are four degree paths students may follow:

  • The Ph.D. program is designed for those students who wish to pursue original, interdisciplinary research and whose professional goals require a doctorate.
  • The sequential M.A./Ph.D. program allows students to complete both the M.A. and Ph.D. at William & Mary in less time than it would take if both degrees were accomplished at separate universities.
  • The M.A. program offers excellent opportunities for persons seeking advanced study in the liberal arts for its own sake as well as to enhance preparation for careers involved in interpreting American life to far-reaching audiences.
  • The joint J.D./M.A. program leads to a J.D. in the William and Mary School of Law and an M.A. in American Studies.