William and Mary

Study Abroad/Away

Diasporic Africa: Africana-related William and Mary Study Abroad Programs

[1] University of Cape Town, South Africa (contact Prof. B. Abegaz or Prof. R. Vinson or Prof. L.Glenn):  a summer program with a unique international service learning component.  Visit the Reves Center:

Cape Town Program Directors:

2008: Prof. Berhanu Abegaz (Economics)

2010: Prof. Robert Vinson (History)

2011: Prof.  Berhanu Abegaz (Economics)

2012: Prof. Leah Glenn (Dance)

 [2] Holetown, Barbados (contact Prof. F. Smith):  a summer field school focused on ethno-history and historical archaeology with a focus on early colonists and plantations.  Visit the Reves Center at:

 [3] Many students also go on semester-long and yearlong programs in Africa, the Caribbean and Latin America with affiliated institutions or direct enrollment.  For more info, visit:

 [4] The Africana Studies Program is currently exploring study abroad possibilities in West Africa, the Caribbean, and Brazil. 

Study Away in the U.S.

Students can apply for their chosen place of study away from the W & M campus.  The proposal for study or research must provide sufficient detail for assessing the relevance of the chosen institution or community and with justification for site specificity and complementarity of the proposed project with the student's course plan in Africana Studies.