William and Mary

Jeri Kent

Murray 1693 ScholarJeri Kent


Charlottesville, VA  (Monticello High School)


Psychology and Biology

Research interests
  • My research revolved around the neuroimaging of psychopathology. I worked with both ERP and NIRS machines, and worked on an honors thesis/Murray project investigating the neural correlates of emotional processing in clinical and control populations.
  • Past research interests include motor recovery in stroke survivors and the effect of kinesthetic perceived space on cognition.
W&M Activities
  • Co-Editor in Chief of the DoG Street Journal, a daily online newspaper and monthly news magazine
  • President of Unite For Sight, a service group that provides free vision screenings and educational programs in the community
  • Involved in CARES, a group that raises eating disorder awareness on campus
  • Member of Alpha Chi Omega
  • Performed with a Middle Eastern dance ensemble once or twice a semester
Study Abroad
  • Oxford University study abroad program
  • Service work in Romanian orphanage
Why W&M?

The Murray Scholars program has given me amazing opportunities at an already stellar school. I can't imagine attending college anywhere but William and Mary, and the Murray Scholars program has helped me make the absolute most of my college experience.

Where am I now?

I am enjoying graduate school in the Department of Psychology at Indiana University. I applied for research grants and was awarded a highly competitive National Science Foundation Doctoral Research Fellowship. This award is based primarily on the undergraduate record of research achievements. I am entering my final year in my clinical science Ph.D. program, and will be applying for my clinical internship this fall (a whole year of clinical work--analogous to an MD residency but way shorter).  And, my publication count is up to seven!