William and Mary

George "Bert" Cortina

Murray 1693 Scholar


Poquoson, VA (Poquoson High School and Governor's School for Science and Technology)

Why W&M?

I toured a dozen colleges and seriously considered six. I was, at first, reluctant to attend William & Mary since it was so close to my hometown. Therefore, to narrow my decision I did a lot of research. In early August, I visited William & Mary for an optional interview. I left the interview very excited about the school specifically after hearing about its close-knit active student community. In March, I returned for the Murray Scholars Finalist weekend and here I got to talk to other students and meet many professors and I realized that William & Mary was perfect. It is small enough where students could easily interact with their professors, yet large enough that there were many different opportunities and activities available.



Extracurriculars at W&M
  • Running Club
  • SHARP Biodiesel Project
  • Works at WM Information Technology Support Center
  • Research on international environmental governance

I worked in Professor Mark Forsyth's microbiology lab studying Helicobacter Pylori, a bacteria that resides in 50% of people's stomach. I was particularly interested in whether H. pylori enters the stomach cells and if so how it survives the change from the extracellular environment to intracellular environment.

Where am I now?

I was in medical school at the University of Virginia and I have now started a Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering, for which I will be doing computational models of antibiotic resistance. In the Engineering School, I was honored to be selected as one of the students representing the NIH portion of the funding, which means they expect big things from my research.