William and Mary

Victoria Chung


Murray 1693 Scholar


Chantilly, VA (though I was born in New York City)

High School

Chantilly High School

Major(s)/Research Interests

International Relations, Economics. I am interested in research on foreign aid and development in Latin America and Africa. I worked with PLAID (Project-Level Aid) here at William and Mary, which was the perfect fit for my research interests.

Why William & Mary?

My first and only visit to the College of William and Mary (prior to actually attending) was for the Murray Scholars weekend. At that point, I did not know very much about the college. However, I learned immediately that the students at William and Mary are committed to each other, scholarship and the community. The faculty is just as passionately dedicated to education, research and the students, and I knew that here I would have an amazing breadth of opportunities in which to grow, learn and live. This was an opportunity that I could not turn down.

Extracurriculars at W&M

I definitely dived straight into the spirit of involvement and community here at William and Mary. I played on a club volleyball team (Go, Spandies!) and participated in the Student Environmental Action Coalition (SEAC) and the International Relations club. As aforementioned, I am worked on a research project, PLAID, and I was also in a social sorority.

Where am I now?

I work for ProOrbis, a management consulting firm in Pennsylvania. This is a small company that helps Fortune 500 companies and government agencies transform their capabilities and plan strategies for growth.