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Changing the world.

The definition of success for a William & Mary graduate is doing something you love and doing it well. Very well.

For some of our graduates, this means pioneering human rights for women and war refugees. For others, it means following a dream and becoming an author, an Olympic athlete, a biomedical researcher or the creator of an award-winning sitcom. Still others soar to the top of the business world or serve the nation as members of Congress, diplomats and more than a few U.S. presidents (only Harvard and Yale can claim more). Across the board, our highly successful alumni credit their experiences at William & Mary for shaping and inspiring their future work.

It would be impossible to list all of them—though there's a long list of our notable alumni on Wikipedia—but here's a sampling of the impressive folks we're proud to claim:

  • Jon Stewart '84 - psychology major, Emmy Award winning comedian and satirist, host of Comedy Central's The Daily Show
  • Robert Gates '65 - history major, former U.S. Secretary of Defense, W&M's 24th Chancellor
  • James Comey '82 - chemistry and religion double major, director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • Ellen Stofan '83 - geology major, NASA chief scientist
  • Mike Tomlin '95 - sociology major, head coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers
  • Mary Jo White ’70 - psychology major, chair of the Securities and Exchange Commission
  • Perry Ellis '61 - business administration major, fashion designer
  • Glenn Close '74 - theatre/speech major, Emmy and Tony award-winning actress
  • Thomas Jefferson 1762 - third President of the United States, author of the Declaration of Independence
  • James Monroe 1778 - fifth President of the United States, author of the Monroe Doctrine
Lifelong connections

As one of the oldest alumni organizations in the country, the William & Mary Alumni Association has served to strengthen the connections between alumni and the university since 1842. 

W&M's network of more than 94,000 alumni spread around the country and throughout the world make meaningful connections each and every year. 

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