Toasted by Admission

Because you can't spell college without collegiality (and even then you need a second "e," but you get the point)

 Each month, the Office of Undergraduate Admission selects one College employee to be "Toasted by Admission."  The award celebrates the collegiality and dedication of employees outside of admission who do tremendous amounts to promote our office’s mission.  The award winner is selected by a vote of the entire undergraduate admission staff and is treated to an after-work get-together at Berrett's.  The winner is also announced in the W&M Digest.

Finally, the award winner is granted honarary admission to William & Mary.  A personal admission letter from Dean of Admission Henry Broaddus states, "Whereas universities confer honorary degrees, the William & Mary Office of Undergraduate Admission has assumed the authority to confer honorary offers of admission.  These are the highest honor bestowed by the admission office to individuals who have contributed to our enrollment efforts by giving most generously of their time and expertise."  Accompanying the honorary offer of admission is one of our award-winning Admit Pack Folders.  This is what goes into the "thick envelope" that delights every applicant invited to join this community as an undergraduate.  Also included are the inserts that detail resources and programs for admitted students.  Although these inserts have no direct utility for an honorary admit, we trust that those who receive them agree that they look good.  We thank our award recipients for making us look good. 

We began the Toasted by Admission Award in February, 2011 and have honored personnel at the College every month since then.  Articles about each of the 2011 and 2012 award winners are written to honor each individual's efforts.