William & Mary

Troy Davis

Troy DavisTroy Davis, Director of the Swem Media Center since 2006, works to integrate media literacy and media production proficiencies into the overall W&M curriculum.  Davis enjoys his work because it allows him to interact with curious and engaging faculty and students.  "...while I do a fair amount of teaching, I do a lot more learning."  As much as the Office of Undergraduate Admission supports learning, we are honoring Davis as September's Toasted by Admission award recipient for his teaching. 

This summer, Davis helped to steer a project taken on by three of the admission office's senior interviewers.  Their task: to create and record an audio tour that prospective students and families could use to walk around campus when a student-led tour isn't available.  While no doubt our students are more technologically proficient than the admission dean staff, they still needed a great deal of guidance and support from Davis, and thank to his efforts and those of the senior interviewers, the admission office will soon have a downloadable audio tour available to our prospective student visitors.

Davis was selected by a vote of the entire admission staff.  Jennifer Scott, who nominated Davis, told the admission team, "He was flexible, creative, and accommodating.  An audio enhancement to our existing self-guided tour has been on our office’s project list for numerous years and without Troy’s help and know how it likely never would have gotten completed.  We are excited to implement the audio tour later this semester.”

According to Davis, "It is cool to be involved in emerging technologies and emerging media in ways that support the  liberal arts experience here at the College."  We couldn't agree more and are thrilled to be able to showcase those technologies and media to the future of W&M.  And we are also thrilled to bestow upon Davis his honorary admission and toasted celebratory get together later this month.