William & Mary

Terri Poteet

Terri Poteet cam to William & Mary in s2005 as an enrollment specialist in the University Registrar's Office.  In 2007 she became that office's Transfer Credit Coordinator and she's been working with the Undergraduate Admission Office ever since.  Her years of hard work and dedication were rewarded when she received the May 2012 Toasted by Admission Award. 

Poteet's work as Transfer Credit Coordinator means that she supports the transition Terri Poteetof incoming freshmen (awarding credit for AP and IB exams as well as international credits such as the British A-levels) and incoming transfer students (evaluating their credits from their previous colleges/universities as well as any international/AP/IB credit they may have earned prior to enrolling at W&M).  It is the latter that connects her most frequently to the admission office.  A staple at the admission office's transfer recruitment and transfer yield events, Poteet is always willing to work with prospective and incoming transfer students.  She is yet another friendly voice/face/email correspondant that potential transfer students encounter while researching W&M, much like Ben Boone, the July 2011 Toasted by Admission award recipient.

Associate Dean of Admission, Kim Van Deusen, has this to say to the admission staff when she nominated Poteet for the award, "Terri is in the process of reviewing thousands of transfer college credits, international credits, freshmen dual enrollment credits, and AP/IB credits.  Terri is fair, speedy and personable.  She always has the student’s best interest in mind.  We are lucky that she is often the next W&M staff member our accepted and enrolling students work with and get to know."  To thank her fairness, expediencey and personable attitude, the admission office treated Poteet and her son to an after work toast at Berrett's last week and of course, bestowed on her the honorary admission that is granted to all Toasted by Admission award winners.  And lukcy for Poteet, she is one admit who does not come with any transfer credit!