William & Mary

Rob Byrd

Yesterday, Rob Byrd became April 2012's Toasted by Admission award winner.  Byrd came to William & Mary in 2009 as an enrollment services sssistant in the Registrar's Office in 2009.  In 2010, he became the College's domicile offier.  It is through this position that he has become integral to the admission office's application review process.Rob Byrd

Byrd's recognition is several years and many projects in the making.  The admission review process requires admission officers to know whether or not an applicant is a Virginia resident.  Included with the application is an in-state tuition privileges form that all Virginia residents must complete.  That form then needs to be reviewed and approved or denied by the College's domicile officer in order for that applicant to receive an admission decision.  In 2009, all these forms were completed by hand and mailed to the University Registrar's Office.  In 2010, collaboration between Undergraduate Admission, Information Technology and the University Registrar led to an online version of the form that could be included in the William & Mary Supplement to the Common Application.  Given that 98% of undergraduate applicants were completing their application online, making the domicile an online form that could be submitted electronically made perfect sense.  For their work, the team received national recognition as a model of efficiency from University Business magazine.

Byrd has taken that model of efficiency to new heights.  Even with the inception of the online domicile form, at the time decisions were released, there were still nearly 500 students who weren't domiciled as in-state which complicated the admission office's decisionmaking, review and decision release processes.  This year, there was only one student who was not domiciled at the time decisions were released, thanks to Byrd.  Betsy Quinzio, who nominated Byrd, told the admission staff, "Rob helps us every year with resolving the domicile status for our applicants.  He does it efficiently, responsively and courteously. Over the last few years he has worked closely with our office to help in incorporating the domicile form into the W&M Supplement to the Common Application to provide a better, more streamlined process for our applicants.  Together we have successfully reduced the number of unresolved domicile statuses from over 500 three years ago to 1 this year.  Kudos to Rob for his hard work and dedication to our students and applicants."

Byrd has saved the admission office from hundreds of phone calls and countless hours of extra work and he has ensured that our applicants get their admission decisions in a timely manner.  To honor him, the admission team will treat him to a much deserved after-work get together at Berrett's.  Kudos to him indeed.