William & Mary

Linda Knight

It seems only appropriate that Linda Knight, director of rec sports, was June’s Toasted by Admission recipient.  Just two days before she was selected,Linda Knight the admission dean staff spent day one of their two-day retreat in the Rec Center’s conference room and mac court, spaces generously provided to the admission team by Knight.  But Knight has been a supporter of the undergraduate admission team for years, providing us some retreat spaces was simply just one more favor in the long list of favors she has provided.

Knight came to the College nearly a decade ago as its director of recreational sports.  She oversaw the renovation of the Rec Center and has worked dutifully to incorporate rec sports into the lives of all W&M students.  Justine Okerson, the dean who nominated Knight was Toasted by Admission, pointed out how hard Knight has worked to introduce even prospective students to recreational sports at W&M, “She put on sessions and tours of the Rec Center during Day for Admitted Students, assisted us with the reservation of the Rec Center space for retreat, and is assisting with interviewer training (where she is always a huge hit providing goodies like t-shirts to the incoming senior interviewers).”  Furthermore, Knight and her staff welcome all prospective student visitors to the Rec and provide informal tours of the facility whenever they are requested.  As Okerson pointed out to the admission staff, “A good relationship with Rec Sports really benefits our office and the work that we do in recruiting students.”

To honor Knight, the staff treated her to an after-work get together at the Tap House and offered her the honorary admission package bestowed to all Toasted by Admission winners.  We probably could have treated her to an after-work intramural challenge but we’re better hosts than we are athletes.