William & Mary

Joan Mastricola

Reading season (November - March) is a crazy time in the Office of Undergraduate Admission.  Our staff sorts through tens of thousands ofjoan mastricola applications, transcripts and recommendation letters.  Oftentimes we receive recommendation letters from the College's alumni on behalf of current applicants.  We do our best to acknowledge every such letter but don't always have the necessary information to do so.  That's where Joan Mastricola, the Alumni Association's Support Specialist for Alumni Records and Information Systems, comes in.  She's there to provide us with a full name, mailing address, or whatever information we might need upon which to acknowledge receipt of special recommendation letters.

Mastricola came to the W&M Alumni Association eight years ago after 17 years in William Jewell College's Admission Office so she's aware of the necessary support admission offices require during the hectic months that make up reading season.  In her position as a support specialist, Mastricola updates biographical information on W&M's alumni and trains new College employees on Advance. 

LaTryce Harold nominated Matricola for the March Toasted by Admission Award.  She told the admission staff, "She is my resource when I need alumni information for the completion of acknowledgement letters.  She is always cheerful and willing to lend her assistance.  Acknowledgements are a very small part of the application process as a whole, but Joan makes a world of difference in making sure we acknowledge the recommender."  Mastricoloa is excited to be able to assist any campus office when she can.

To thank her for all of her efforts on the admission office's behalf, the admission team will treat her to an after-work get together at Berretts.  There we will present her with her honorary admission letter; one she can savor but doesn't need to assist in acknowledging.