2012 Toasted by Admission Award Recipients

Back by popular demand, Toasted by Admission proudly enters its second year of honoring those at the College who help make us look good.

Troy Davis

Swem Media Center's guru helps the Undergraduate Admission Office become more media-savvy

Nancy Pavelich

Most offices on campus have a love-hate relationship with Banner. This month's Toasted by Admission award winner helps to tip the balance more towards love.

Cathy Jacobs

Financial Aid's Student Employment guru is money in the bank.

Linda Knight

The Director of Rec Sports lives up to her name as June's Toasted by Admission award winner.

Terri Poteet

Time to give the Registrar's Transfer Credit Coordinator some credit of her own.

Rob Byrd

The Registrar's resident residency expert makes great strides in domiciling applicants.

Joan Mastricola

As the Admission team prepares to send letters to newly admitted students, we honor someone who helps us recognize other types of letters.

Arnie Preib

2012's first Toasted by Admission Award winner never knew that doing his job would impact a future member of the College.