William & Mary

Cathy Jacobs

To quote one of the assistant deans of admission who has been working closely with Cathy Jacobs, July 2012's Toasted by Admission award recipient, "Cathy is a life saver."  That sums up why Jacobs, financial aid funds compliance specialist, was an easy choice for this month's award.  Many admission staff members supervise student employees and Jacobs is a huge help to all of them.

Jacobs wears many hats for financial aid.  She assists hiring managers across campus in processing student employment forms, promotions, salary increases and terminations.  She also works with individual departments to apply scholarships, tuition payments and waivers associated with students' financial aid accounts.  What won her the July Toasted by Admission award is her work with processing new student employees and their associated forms.

Two members of the admission dean staff do a lot of student hiring during the short summer months and Jacobs has been instrumental in making that process work smoothly (we all know you should never get between students and food or students and their salaries).  LaTryce Butler, the admission office's business manager, has been assisting the dean staff with processing new student employees and also works closely with Jacobs.  It was Butler who nominated Jacobs for the award.  When nominating Jacobs, Butler told her admission colleagues, "Cathy goes above and beyond when it comes to simplifying and explaining the student employment challenges we face.  She is consistently available for these types of resolutions and is always helpful when addressing them.  Right now she is also working with two other members of our staff who work with students employed during the summer and she is always incredibly prompt to respond and beyond helpful.”

Jacobs will be granted honorary admission and treated to an after-work get together on July 19 to thank her for all of her efforts on everyone's behalf (both the admission deans and their student employees).  This is her third stint at W&M.  She first worked for the Physics Department from 1999 to 2004 and then worked for the Art History Department from 2004-2006.  Clearly the third time is the charm.