William & Mary

Linda Baumler

Linda Baumler, a retired educator and part-time ropes course instructor, receives the September 2011 Toasted by Admission award.  Baumler was honored for her initial collaboration with the Office of Undergraduate Admission staff.  During the annual dean staff retreat, the admission deans gathered at the low ropes course for some team building exercises.  Baumler was the team's instructor.

Throughout a humid and rainy afternoon, Baumler kept the admission deans on track and in good spirits.  Under her direction, the deans completed four team building exercises.  Senior Assistant Dean of Admission, Jennifer Scott, who nominated Baumler stated: "Her creative planning of activities, thoughtful approach to debriefing and generous sense of humor made for a tremendous team building experience for our group and contributed to us starting the year with fresh spirits. It was invigorating and I think we all were incredibly pleased to spend the afternoon with her."

Baumler also lent her photography skills to the team.  This retreat saw the welcome of four new assistant deans to the Undergraduate Admission Office and Baumler helped capture the new dean staff as a full team for the first time.  Baumler will be celebrated with her honorary admit pack and a trip to Berrett's in late September.