William & Mary

Julie Davenport

Julie DavenportJulie Davenport is the Office of Undergraduate Admission's Toasted by Admission award recipient for December, 2011.  The Catering Coordinator has worked with the admission office throughout her four-year tenure at W&M.  Davenport transitioned from her position as an event manager at Barnard College/Columbia University to her present role with W&M Catering in 2007.  Her educational background is in marine and environmental science and while catering is not necessarily the most logical career progression for her, she's able to use her knowledge of fisheries, farming and resource management to inform sustainable dining initiatives at the College.

Davenport was selected for December's Toasted by Admission honor by a vote of the entire admission office staff.  Assistant Dean Tish Lyte, who nominated Davenport, told her colleagues "I've worked with Julie as the catering point of contact for our Escape and Autumn Blast programs for the past couple of years.  She's done an amazing job of working with our schedule...even when the window has been smaller than we'd like for it to be.  She's been overall fantastic to work with and I'm sure others in the office have had similar experiences with Julie."  Lyte is absolutely right.  Many other deans who work on the admission office's on-campus programs and events committee have liaised with Julie for small and large-scale events which have been a large success thanks in part to her (we all know the way to a prospective student's heart is through their stomach after all).

To celebrate Julie's accomplishments and collegiality, the admission team will meet her for an after-work get together at Berrett's after the holiday break.