William & Mary

Inez Burnett

Inez Burnett worked in the admission office for more than 10 years serving as the office's business manager most recently.  Burnett left the admission office for an opportunity in the president's office in 2007.  She has worked there since serving as the office's budget manager which she now does on a part-time basis having entered semi-retirement in [year].

In late September, Burnett returned to her former professional home to assist with business and administrative operations when the office's business manager went on maternity leave.  She currently works three afternoons a week assisting the staff and department deans with operational matters.  Burnett was nominated by Senior Assistant Dean Wendy Livingston who told the admission staff, "Inez is so gracious to take time out of her busy schedule to support our office while LaTryce is on maternity leave.  In her first few weeks in the office she has already been a tremendous asset to those of working with travel authorizations and reimbursements and generally providing administrative support where needed."  

Livingston went on to add, "She’s also a super friendly face to have around.  It’s been delightful having her back in the Admission Office, even if it’s only temporary.”  Burnett will be treated to an evening out at Berrett's and will be presented with honarary admission.  After her many years of service to the admission office, it's about time.