William & Mary

Danny Banks

Danny BanksProspective students can apply to W&M.  We have an app for that.  But getting all of the application data into Banner, the College's database, is no easy task.  Information Technology's Danny Banks, a reporting and business analyst, helps the undergraduate admission office tremendously by helping to work with various software packages and various sources of data to produce readable files for the admission deans.

Banks is no stranger to awards.  Most deservedly so, he's been recognized for his efforts on numerous occassions, first as the College's employee of the month in July 2004 and again in 2010 when University Business Magazine recognized the College as a model of efficiency.  Banks, along with Senior Assistant Dean of Admission Betsy Quinzio (who nominated Banks for the "Toasted by Admission" award) and Associate University Registrar Kimberly Momballous, received the award for producing an online domicile application that allowed prospective students to apply for and be granted in-state status much faster and also with much less printed paper.

Quinzio says of Banks, "Danny is our behind-the-scenes, go to guy in IT.  He loads our SAT/ACT/TOEFL and Royall data weekly for processing.  His help with maintaining and updating our application softward annually is invaluable.  He is there to help us when we have any issues with Banner, deleted records, duplicate records or other anomalous problems." 

She goes onto to rave about his collegiality.

" He is a sounding board for any IT related project we may be entertaining and ALWAYS looks at projects through a ‘how can we make this happen’ lens.  His approach to helping any staff is that of a teacher, giving us the tools, knowledge and skills to help ourselves in the future. Danny has been working with our department for many years.  His happy, personable and warm demeanor make him a real joy to work with.  He is a real asset to our department and a credit to the College."

Banks and his wife joined the admission team for an after-work respite at Berrett's and also received his honorary admission; something long overdue and much deserved.