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Admission FAQs

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Please consult our frequently asked questions by students interested in applying to William & Mary.


What is the average GPA for an incoming W&M student?
Are there any required courses to apply to W&M?
Is Foreign Language required?
Does American Sign Language count as a foreign language?
Should I take AP or Dual Enrollment?
Should I graduate early from high school?
Will I get credit for AP or IB courses?
Is there a limit to how many credits I can bring to W&M?
Does W&M accept dual enrollment?

Standardized Testing

What are your SAT and ACT requirements?
What is your middle 50% for the SAT and ACT?
How do you evaluate the writing section of the SAT?
Do you require SAT IIs?
Are SAT IIs used for placement?
Should I take the TOEFL?

Applying to W&M

How do I apply to W&M?
Is there a supplement to the application?
What is the application deadline?
I have submitted my application. What happens now?
Do you offer Early Decision/Early Action?
What happens if I am not accepted in Early Decision?
Does Early Decision disadvantage me for scholarship/financial aid consideration?

Transferring to W&M

How does William & Mary define a transfer student?
When are your application deadlines for transfers?
How many students apply to W&M as transfer students?
Do you require a high school transcript or test scores?
Do you have a minimum GPA requirement?
What type of college classes are you looking for from your applicants?
If I am admitted as a transfer student, am I automatically admitted into my major?

Visiting W&M

Do I need to register for an information session and tour?
Does W&M offer an overnight hosting program?
Can I visit a class while I am on campus?
I registered to attend an Admission Office program online.  When will I receive confirmation of my registration?
I added myself to the mailing list.  When will I receive information from W&M?


Are interviews offered?
Is an interview required?
How is the interview used in the admission process?
How do I sign up for an interview?

Scholarships/Financial Aid

What types of scholarships are offered?
How do I apply for need based financial aid?
What merit based scholarships are offered?
Is there a separate application for merit based scholarships?
How do I inquire about athletic scholarships?

Frequently Asked Questions from Multicultural Applicants

Additional Information for Home-Schooled Students