David Trott

Associate Dean of Admission

Region: Home Schooled Students and Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio, and Wisconsin
Email: [[detrot]]

Education:  Gettysburg College, 1987 B.A. Early American Culture (Yes, I created that major myself).

Where I'm From

I was born and raised in Boston, MA through middle school, so my Boston sports roots run deep. I spent a few years at a small private school for my middle school years before moving to Wilmette, IL where the local public high school I attended was over 4,000 students. Quite a contrast! After college I worked in the Admission Office at Gettysburg for 11 years before moving to William & Mary. At Gettysburg I was very involved in an IT system implementation and when I got to William & Mary I did the same thing and then actually moved to the IT Office after 4 years in Admissions.  So 13 years later it was time to go back to Undergraduate Admission and here I am!

Fun Facts
  • My wife is a 1988 graduate of William & Mary.
  • My oldest son is Haverford College class of 2017.
  • My youngest son (only have the two kids) is William & Mary class of 2020 and a member of the Men's Soccer team.
  • My connection to the California region is in the San Francisco area.  My aunt is a published author and lives on a houseboat in Sausalito.
  • Most days I ride my bike to work. Uphill, both ways.