William and Mary

Tish  Lyte

Senior Assistant Dean of Admission / Director of Multicultural Recruitment

Email : [[nrlyte]]

Dean Lyte's Bio

Name: Nettisha Renea Lyte

Nickname: Tish

Hometown: Smalltownsville, TN (Dyersburg)


B.A.: Murray State University, Public Relations and Advertising

M.S.: Murray State University, Human Development and Leadership

What I did before W&M…

Asst. Director for Multicultural Recruitment, Ohio University College of Medicine

What I love about working in admission…

I love that I get to do a little bit of everything. I get to plan parties, create partnerships and change lives. That's an awesome job! There are very few careers that culminate in your paperwork turning into people that impact your day-to-day life. I'm honored to do this work.  


My parents…they are Mr. & Mrs. Superman by the way. My friends...there is something in each of theme, that I wish I could clone and add to me. They are fantastic people. 

Something interesting about Dean Lyte…

I am a huge music fan. Actually, I'm in to most types of art. I do try to create my own at times. Anyway, most of my art can be looked at as a collaboration of many things, but my largest motivation is easily music. And if music is my motivation, then my motivation certainly stems from some very diverse places. If I could create a soundtrack for my would be a obnoxiously long playlist. Among a whole host of other songs and sounds and television commercial jingles, and sitcom theme songs would be  "A love supreme" and "in a sentimental mood" by Coltrane... "My Way" by Sinatra, "Crash Into Me" by Dave Mathews Band, "In the Air" by Phil Collins, "Young Forever" by Jay-Z and anything by Sugarland. I'd probably throw in some Justin Timberlake and Ke$ha for seasoning.

There's a whole host of others, but I'll stop there only cause it could go on forever. I told you it would be an eclectic mix!