Wendy Livingston

Associate Dean of Admission

Regions: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio, Wisconsin
Email: [[wcbegl]]

Dean Livingston's Bio

Who Am I?  I was born and raised in Clive Iowa.  I have a BA in History and Government from William & Mary (2003) and a Masters of Education from William & Mary (2009).  Clearly I am a big fan of the Tribe!

What's With the Photo You Ask?  I am a die-hard Cleveland Browns fan.  This is just one of literally a score of Browns mascots I own.  My fantasy football team names are the Hog Dawgs (a reference to the Browns and Redskins -- my husband's team) and the Crushers (after one of the Browns' four dog mascots).

Why Work in Admission?  Honestly, it began because Henry Broaddus called me and offered me a regular paycheck and health care about two months after I graduated.  What started as a one-year terminal contract has become a profession I have loved for eight years and counting.  Working on a college campus keeps me young and energized and this office in particular has provided me with a wealth of opportunities and an amazing group of colleagues and friends.  We're a pretty fun and quirky group which is what this page is trying to show you.

Why W&M?  I arrived at W&M in August of 1999 and I haven't left.  This place changed my life.  When I was a campus tour guide, I told prospective students and families that my favorite thing about W&M was the people.  From the faculty to the students to the administrators and staff, this place truly is a caring community and the individuals I met here have taught me, entertained me, loved me, and shaped me.  As an alumnae, my favorite thing about W&M is the opportunities it provides to its students.  Whether that's a General Education Requirement class that leads to a new academic passion (in my case it was Intro to Comparative Politics my first semester -- which I took to fulfill a social science requirement -- that led me to be a government major), a professional opportunity (I didn't even know higher education administration was a career track in high school and now look at me -- and all because I was a campus tour guide), or the love of your life (I met my husband at a fraternity party freshman year).  William & Mary made me the best version of myself and working here allows me to give back on a daily basis and also create those same opportunities for new students through the admission process.

What Regions do I Read?  I am the regional dean for the Midwest (Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio and Wisconsin) as well as the Far West (Alaska, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, North Dakota, Oregon South Dakota, Utah, Washington and Wyoming).

"Other Duties As Assigned"?  I lead our summer interview program.  I refer to all 115 of our Senior Interviewers as my children; working with students is richly rewarding and a constant adventure.  I also lead our office's communication initiatives which includes several mediums (publications, social networking, web management and email campaigns).  Check out our Admit It! Blog, for which I am the primary contributor.  Please feel free to leave questions or comments on the site and I will respond promptly.  I also organize our regional and committee assignments for our application review.  I serve as the liaison to our Creative Services office on campus and I serve on the College Communications Council. I travel for the office throughout Virginia and the country and present information sessions here on campus. 

Fun Fact?  I co-own two hip-hop night clubs with my husband  (W&M '00) and I have beaten Henry Broaddus (our former Dean of Admission) five times in a fantasy-football grudge match.  In 2010, my victory over him bumped me into the fantasy playoffs which I eventually won.  That win came the same day as my beloved Browns beat his Miami Dolphins (for which I was rewarded with Browns paraphernalia).  Associate Provost for Enrollment and Dean of Admission Tim Wolfe is also in our fantasy football league and plays in my division.