William and Mary

Christiana Kallon

Assistant Dean of Admission

Regions : Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, U.S. Citizens in Overseas Schools
Email : [[cskallon]]

Dean Kallon's Bio

Hometown: I was born in Freetown, Sierra Leone but I spent eighteen years traveling around the globe with my family. We lived in Pakistan, Kenya, Uganda and Bangladesh and I have grown very fond of East African and South Asian cultures.

High School: American International School of Dhaka in Bangladesh

College: The College of William & Mary, B.A in Sociology

Regions and Program Responsibilities

I am the regional dean for Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and American citizens attending overseas schools. I am also a member of our marketing and communications team, global recruitment team and the lead coordinator for our office’s multicultural recruitment programs.

What’s with the photo?

Time zones fascinate me. I particularly love New Years Eve when it’s a different year depending on where you are in the world. Keeping up with the different time zones has always been a challenge for my family. My older sister bought me this clock from Jordan (that’s where my family currently lives). Unfortunately for me, my mother has still not completely understood the seven hour time difference between Jordan and the States, so 4 am phone calls are not out of the norm.

Why work at Admission?

The Admission Office is a dynamic and exciting place to work! I particularly love the student interaction and just getting them excited to attend college.

Why W &M?

Much of my decision to attend William & Mary resulted from Henry Broaddus’ visit to my high school in Bangladesh. After asking a billion questions, spending hours on the College’s awesome website, and then finally taking a college tour I decided that this was where I wanted to spend the next four years of my life. When I think of William & Mary I think of a place of opportunities. Students have the opportunity to encounter bright and inspiring individuals as well as experience a variety of culture and traditions.

Fun Facts

  • Fanta is the one drink I cannot live without…yes, the orange soda. I’m obsessed! Fanta served as the inspiration for my college admission essay, I am a proud owner of various Fanta paraphernalia and summer of my junior year in college I entered a contest to be the Fourth Fantana girl.
  • I love musicals. Ever wonder how all the passersbys in musicals all randomly know the same choreography? Haha. I love it! Some of my favorite musicals are My Fair Lady, The Lion King and Hairspray!