William & Mary

Kevin Cutro

Senior Assistant Dean of Admission

Regions: Richmond Metro Area (Virginia) and Non-U.S. Citizens in Overseas Schools
Email: [[kcutro]]

Dean Cutro's Bio

Who am I?
I was born and raised in the northern New Jersey town of Westfield (before you ask, that’s Exit 135 off of the Garden State Parkway). I graduated from William & Mary in 2006, with a B.A. in government and history. Before coming back to Williamsburg, I worked on Capitol Hill for a member of Congress from my beloved home state.

Why William & Mary?
The campus is beautiful and historic. The professors are brilliant yet down-to-earth. The students are creative and fun. What makes William & Mary so great is how it brings out the best in its students, both inside the classroom and out. My undergraduate experience was a blast, primarily because it was impossible for me to sit on the sidelines with so much happening on campus. I jumped in, got involved and am better because of it.

Why Admission?
As a rising senior, I helped interview prospective students interested in attending William & Mary. I had a great time meeting so many bright and motivated students and sharing with them some of great things about the College. Although I moved onto a career in politics upon graduation, I never forgot how fun and rewarding helping students through the college admission process could be. Fast forward a few years, and here I am.

What’s with the photo?
I’ve played soccer my whole life as a goalie. Although most people think goalkeeping is easy and boring, because you stand around for most of the game, I love it. Knowing soccer has many benefits, including feeling vastly superior to your friends every four years during the World Cup and being able to engender goodwill among soccer hooligans when traveling abroad.

What do I do for Admission?
If you’re from the RVA or overseas, I have the good fortune of reading your application. In addition, I coordinate admission deans' recruitment travel, and I work with alumni who are eager to volunteer their time to spread the word about William & Mary to prospective students.

Fun Facts:

  • My first and best job (present employer excluded, of course) was at a deli in my hometown. I can still make a mean Taylor ham, egg and cheese.
  • My wife and I met while interning in the Admission Office.