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On-Campus Interviews

Put Your Personality Into Your Application ... Literally


Paper applications are two-dimensional. On-campus interviews allow you the opportunity to make your application three-dimensional.

Summer interviews concluded on August 12.  Fall interviews for high school seniors will run September 6 - November 15.  Interviews will be offered weekday afternoons (from 2 pm - 5 pm on Mondays and Fridays and from 3 pm - 5 pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays) and select Satuday mornings (from 9 am to noon).  Online registration will be available on September 1.   

The interview is an evaluative and optional component to the application. Choosing not to pursue a campus interview will not put any student at a disadvantage in the application process.

"I believe this opportunity allowed me to articulate qualities about myself that a paper application just cannot convey. This experience really allowed me to add something substantive to my application and allowed me to get a more intimate feel for the College. The interviewer answered all of my questions and really allowed me to see a more personal side of William & Mary!"     ~ Summer Interviewee

"Thank you very much for offering me the opportunity to interview. I feel like I really made a contribution to my application. Meeting with a current student was an added bonus. I feel like I learned so much about this university and its students. The whole experience was superb!"    ~ Summer Interviewee


Contact [[wcbegl,Senior Assistant Dean Wendy C. Livingston]]

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