Facts at a Glance

We offer a comprehensive financial aid program to help students and families funds their William & Mary education.  Approximatley 54% of all undergraduate students receive some type of financial assistance in a typical year.  This aid is composed of grants (including athletic grants-in-aid), Federal work-study, and loans (excluding parent loans).  In 2011-12, 3277 undergraduate students received $56.4M in aid from all sources. 

Financial Aid, 2011-12
Entering freshmen receiving any type of aid 56%
Average aid package of those receiving need-based aid $13,307 $19,869
Entering freshmen receiving need-based aid
31% 30%

Average indebtedness of 2011-12 graduate (excludes parents' and private loans) $17,730 $21,387
Percentage of entering students receiving loans (excludes parents' loans) 28% 29%